Friday, August 27, 2010

What kind of games are hackable?

Allmost every kind of game is hackable in some way, most of the games have anticheat programs, but nowadays the anticheat programs are hackable too, It is possible to write Bypass for the anticheat program, so the program just couldnt detect anything. Also there is a way to reverse engineer game exe-s, so you can make the game more vulnerable to hacking. That would be it for this time .

What is game hacking?

Game hacking is something that hackers do to cheat in games, the most of the game hacks are written in C++ language, but there are also hacks in C# and Visual basic(For some web based games, like flash) Or singleplayer game trainers.

There are many ways to hack a game. Mostly used is the memory editing, with your own software you could edit your own RAM memory while the computer is running. So let's say that you are playing some kind of a FPS game which is a multyplayer game, and it has on hack protection, Your program finds a memory code for example.. HealthPoints , the code is something like 0x1243242 that <- , and that address has its own value. For example the HP is 100, let's say that you get hit from someone, and your HP is now 50, and you want to hack the hp to be invincible? You tell your program to overwrite this address every 1 millisecond to 100, so if someone shoots you, your hp will always be FULL .